Replacement Bands – Gymstick Original – Silver/Extra Strong


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Please Note: This item is for the Gymstick Original. Looking for the water version? Click here.

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Fitness Level

Athletic (Silver/Extra Strong)



Silver/Extra Strong

is designed for strong individuals looking to do athletic exercise.

Resistence level

1 to 25 kg


Fibreglass, Polyurethane, Rubber, Latex and Nylon

Product (cm)

75 x 0.5 x 0.5




12 months warranty


Sparebands for Gymstick Original 2.0.

Sold in pairs.


  • Green/Light: Resistance 1-10kg
  • Blue/Medium: Resistance 1-15kg
  • Black/Strong: Resistance 1-20kg
  • Silver/Extra Strong: Resistance 1-25kg
  • Gold/Super Strong: Resistance 1-30kg

Gymstick Original - Silver/Extra Strong

Please Note: This item is the Gymstick Original. This item is NOT designed to be used in water. The Gymstick Aqua is suitable for use in water.

Resistance Level Guide


Designed for rehabilitation and exercise for beginners and older adults.


Designed for all ages, including those with no injuries and starting their exercise program.


Designed for those who are more physically robust and stronger and are familiar with the Gymstick.

Silver/Extra Strong

Designed for strong individuals looking to do athletic exercise.

Gold/Super Strong

Designed for athletes, powerful individuals and people familiar with exercising with the Gymstick.

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